"Mom, I don't want to go to Piano lessons..." the 9-year-old me would plead. Like many other kids, at that age I thought that Piano lessons were a chore. It wasn't until much later, that I truly realized how valuable they were to my development. It taught me discipline and the importance of practice but most important of all another way to express myself through the language of music.

Thanks mom! 


Selective Auditory Attention is a type of selective attention that - you guessed it - affects the auditory system. There isn't a crazy amount of research on it but I was fascinated by the phenomenon. Just like how visual attention can be selective, I was exploring how a person could hear a sound but not be able to pay attention/perceive it. 

I set out to write a song to explore this phenomenon for a composition class at the University of Michigan. Using repetitive patterns, the song allows one to pay attention to one part of the song (the first note of every triplet for example). This is still a working title, I hope to find a title that is, well... less of a mouthful.

Selective Auditory ATtention

Piano version. I hope to re-record with better sound equipment this summer!

16 BIT Version

Inspired by SNES game BGM, particularly of the JRPG genre, I tried to make a Boss Theme out of the original song. I hope you enjoy it! I found that it is much easier to selectively pay attention to a specific part of the loop in this version.