An screenshot of our "University" level. Our game takes place in germany, and the inspiration for this building was taken from University of Freiburg.


Over the last few years, Neuroscience has revolutionized what we know about how people learn. It has become clear that there isn't just "one" way that people learn. 

So why is it that we as a society still stay "locked" within our antiquated educational system created by our ancestors hundreds of years ago?

We, Team Ouroboros, had asked ourselves a similar question and now ready to challenge these conventions.

My crude (but still effective) flowchart made during the discussion of the New User Experience portion of our game.

My crude (but still effective) flowchart made during the discussion of the New User Experience portion of our game.


Educational games have a pretty bad reputation. In May 2014, a handful of professors and students decided to create a game that was both fun and educational. Sounds like something you've heard before right? Except with Project Ouroboros, we decided to put the gameplay and fun before everything else; including education. 

Too many times as a child, I was promised an educational "game" which only turned out to be a slightly more interactive multiple-choice test or a flashcard game. I wholeheartedly believe that we can and often do learn from video games. However, previous attempts at this has placed too much emphasis on flashcard-like games with "memorize this fact and then recall it later" mechanics. 


I was initially attracted by Vader and Iron Man but I realized that this was a fairly good representation of the kind of expertise I try to bring to my team (Now, only if it said UX Researcher!).

As a product manager for Project Ouroboros, my main goals are:

  • Lead and support our cross-functional teams by defining product vision and long-term strategic goals
  • Create and maintain the design documentation as well as specifying the list of features for MVP
  • Become an advocate for iterative development as well as user/player-centered design


With the addition of a QA team and a build ready for testing, we are now in the alpha-testing stage of development! We've encountered many bumps and hardships along the way, but learned from each setback.

As they always say: Test early and often!

One of our earliest meetings, discussing the introduction movie sequence and title screen. Currently the team sits at around 20 members but we'll always remember our humble beginnings.