Geara Doga MG 1/100 Scale

Fantasy but grounded in reality.

Storytelling is important to me and I hope to reflect this in all my work. I wanted each battle scar, oil smudge and rusty part to tell an immersive story about this mechanical suit's past. I spent about a week planning and preparing the plastic for airbrushing and the story I wanted to tell.

Asked and answered questions like: 

  • "Where would a mechanical suit receive the most wear and tear?"
  • "What does an oil smudge look like? Where would that accumulate?"  
  • "How would I achieve a natural rust effect using paint?"

I set my sights on a plastic model competition, and the building / painting process took around 3 months.

I was really excited to hear that my Geara Doga got first place for Sci-Fi. It was on display alongside other winners for about a month.