The Inventor/Scientist/Entrepreneur himself.

The Inventor/Scientist/Entrepreneur himself.


My parents bought me a set of biographies of famous scientists and inventors when I was growing up. One of my favorite scientists from that collection, was Thomas Edison. I aspired to one day become an inventor and problem solver as great as Edison. Fast forward twenty-some years and I had the awesome opportunity to work at the company that he realized from his dreams. Although it felt short, I learned a lot and hope to use what I've gathered in my future.


GE's Advanced Manufacturing and Software Technology Center or AMSTC is located in Van Buren Township, MI and houses IT professionals for GE's several subsidiaries.

My rotation was within GE Capital's Automation Team and I had the chance to work closely with QA and UX teams across the globe. 

I was employed by GE during my final semester of my HCI program.

My role was in Automation Engineering where I developed regression test suites for QA 


At GE, we strive to create modular, automatic regression test suites that can be run remotely and unattended. 

Automation allows very quick testing of functionality for an application without human error. Developed using HP's Unified Functional Testing software in Visual Basic Script.


Working closely within the QA team helped me understand more about software development as a whole. 

  • Automated 7 modules and over 50 QA test cases in UFT using VBScript

  • Worked with developers to define database structure specifications for a QA environment to drastically improve automation repeatability

  • Assisted in a 2-day workshop in teaching automation to other GE employees

  • Presented to fellow co-workers and other interns about the benefits and limitations of automation (presentation available upon request).

  • Participated in UX meetings and design critique lunches